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Stunning Presentations Are An Essential Element For Success Online ...


"You never get a Second Chance ... to make a First Impression" 

~ Will Rogers ~


It's been scientifically proven that we form our first impressions in less than 3 seconds.

So, you need to impress your audience and convince them to trust you ...
IN LESS THAN 3 seconds.

Trust is based on first impressions.

Who would you trust more in the image above? ... the man on the left ... or the man on the right?

It's the same man, but first impressions would be wildly different.

If you want your audience to trust you and buy from you ... it's essential that you make a good first impression.

This applies in everything you do online.

Presentation, especially first impressions, can have a dramatic impact on how you and your business are viewed.

Your websites, your videos, your webinars, your conference presentations, your business reports ... eveything needs to be top notch.


Stop Wasting Time On Overused, Boring Presentations ...
That Send Your Audience To SLEEP!


Guarantee Your Presentations Will Be Memorable ...

Unfortunately most presenters use the same boring formats ... mainly just black text on a white background.

If you want to make your audience sit up and take notice of what you have to say, you need to make your presentations and videos memorable.

You want original, exciting, eye-catching layouts that GRAB ATTENTION.

The DigiProductAnimations High-Impact Animated Template is designed SPECIFICALLY to do this.





WOW Your Audience ... Every Time

No matter whether you're creating a presentation for a conference, or for a webinar, or even for a video ... the DigiProductAnimations High-Impact Animated Template has everything you need to create a stunning presentation that will wow your audience.

Just mix and match from the massive collection of pre-designed templates, and easily adjust the text, images, fonts, colors, and layouts to suit your own individual style.


Don't Waste Any More Time ...

Time is your most precious asset. Once it's gone you can NEVER get it back.

The pre-designed slides in the DigiProductAnimations High-Impact Animated Template will massively reduce the time needed to create amazing presentations that will wow your audience every time.




Introducing DigiProductAnimations High-Impact Presentation Template Volume1




Get Instant Access To This Unique Collection Of High-Impact Fully-Customizable Animated Presentation Slides...


I’ve got a very special offer for you today.

I want to give you access to our hand-picked collection of high-impact slides...

Here’s the thing ...

I've been developing this pack of high-impact slides for quite some time now, and I've actually got even more than I included in this pack, but I wanted to offer you just the very best.

So I hand-picked the best slides from my collection ... the ones with the highest impact ... and bundled them all together into the DigiProductAnimations High-Impact Animated Template collection.

I spent a MONTH sifting through an archive all my specially designed Powerpoint Slides.

I selected the best most eye-catching slides

Then I  spent hours refining the collection even further, because I wanted to give you a collection that could be easily mixed and matched to produce stunning high-impact presentations ... no matter what subject or niche you need to present.

Quite frankly, it doesn't matter whether you want to use these high-impact slides for a presentation at a conference ... or to create a video tutorial for one of your products ... or to present a webinar ... or for a business report ... or for a promo video fro your products ... or even a video for an offline client ... there's something here for everyone.

I've put a selection of images below showing some of the slides, but, when you're looking at it, remember that you can easily customize anything on every slide with just a few clicks ... text, images, fonts, colors, positioning, animations ... eveything is customizable by you.

Here's a quick glimpse at what's included ...



Here's a Sample of the High-Impact Presentation Slides you will receive Today.



Here's Why You Should Choose the DigiProductAnimations High-Impact Template ...


Fully Customizable


Every aspect of every slide is fully customizable by you.

Change text, images, fonts, text colors, background colors, animation speed, animation style ... literally everything can be changed with just a few mouse clicks.




Mix and Match

Let your creativity free.

You can mix and match any of the slides in any order to create a variety of different presentations.

Use as many, or as few, of the slides as you require.

There's a massive collection of pre-designed slides you can choose from, with slides covering many different styles to suit almost every need.


For ALL Your Presentation Needs

Use the high-impact slides to create stunning presentations for use in webinars, conferences, and seminars.

Create videos for YouTube and Facebook. The salesvideo on this page was created entirely from the High-Impact Template slides.

Export the high-impact slides as images for inclusion in business reports.

Use them for all your product creation needs ... including illustrations in ebooks and PDFs.




Editable Charts & Graphics

Simply change chart data values for your pie, line and bar charts to be professionally presented in graphs.. 



No Technical Skills Required


If you can click and type, then you already have the necessary skills to use our High-Impact Templates


Everything is childishly simple ... but we also added tutorial videos in case you need a small amount of handholding.

All the text is just click to edit ... and you just need to click and select to change any image.



Not Just For Presentations ... Create Stunning Animated Videos Too


You Don't Need To Speak, Or Appear On Camera, To Create Stunning Animated Videos

Do You Have ... A Face Made For Radio?

Do You Have ... A Voice Made For Silent Movies? 

With our High-Impact Presentation Template, you don't need to be on camera.

Just edit the text and images in the slides and let the powerful animations do the hard work for you and keep your audiences attention.

You can create powerful animated videos in minutes using just our high-impact animated template slides.

So now there's nothing stopping you cranking out video after video in record time.



Our salesvideo at the top of this page was created entirely using the DigiProductAnimations High-Impact Template Slides



Take a look at some of the animations on a few of the included slides ...




You Want To Save Money ... And Save Time ... Don't You?


Don't Pay Through The Nose For Your Presentations

Forget the $50 - $200 per time you get charged at the usual websites for regular presentation template sets.

This pack contains unique, beautiful high-impact slides that won’t break the bank.

From conference presenters, webinar organisers, video marketers, and bloggers through to local business consultants, DigiProductAnimations High-Impact Animated Template has something for everyone.

This is a package with high-impact slides that you will be using on your projects for the foreseeable future…

And we want you to use them.

So feel free to edit the images ... edit the text ... turn them into inspirational presentations and videos …  use them however you wish.


The potential for this high-impact presentation pack is almost endless... and you can use them with complete confidence in your marketing campaigns.

There are no hidden costs. With our one time fee, you don’t have to worry about spending money for every slide you use.

Invest in DigiProductAnimations High-Impact Animated Template today, and you can snap up these high-imapct animated slides for just a few dollars.



Regular Price $47    Discounted Price Only $16.97   (Limited Offer)

Sales Video Supremacy Upsell 1 - High-Impact Animated Template

*Extended Developer License, Use In Unlimited Projects Of Your Own and For Your Clients


Your Investment Is 100% Risk-Free


100% Iron-Clad Guarantee

Even though I'm certain that you'll absolutely love our High-Impact Animated template, I'm happy to offer you a cast-iron money-back guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the template pack you’re getting today, we’ll instantly refund your money.

Simply contact us and we'll process your request lightning-fast.

Our helpdesk details are listed at the bottom of this page.


* Please use our helpdesk listed below for any support requests.


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